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View pop out 3D videos and realistic 3D photos. Use your 3D glasses and steam or download the most pop out 3D videos. Get free 3D glasses for viewing my 3D content

3D is starting to be everywhere 3D TV’s and 3D in the movie theaters. Now I’m bringing 3D to the internet. I have been making 3D videos for 3 years. I made my first successful 3D video on February 10th 2009. That was the first 3D video I uploaded to YouTube.

The first time I tried to make 3D the 3D looks very bad. It did not pop out of the screen. a few times I almost gave up but I kept trying till one day I made my first successful 3D video. The first video that pooped out of the screen. Now that video that started it all has 9 million views!!!

I have been hooked on 3D since making my first 3D video. When I started out I never had 3d glasses I used red and blue flashlight filters. Until later I got some red and blue glasses from a dvd movie. After years of experimenting with 3D I am finding better ways to make it more real until whoops I poked you in the eye. Lately I've been experimenting with 3D sound and high bit rate video.

All of this will factor to getting more realistic 3D and something even more fun to watch. Whether you have a 3D TV ,3D tablet or simple 3D glasses this website will amazing you. Share with your friends and enjoy!




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