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Welcome, Here you can find many awesome pop out 3D videos that you can download for free and view on your 3D tv. I have been researching and testing 3D for over 5 years. I have made countless camera setups and filmed and analysed many hours of video footage. currently I have the most views for anaglyph videos on the internet. more then 75 million views on my videos with many comments and suggestions have shaped my 3D to be the best looking stereo 3D possible. I use 2 cameras mounted side by side in a mount that holes the cameras next to each other. Like our eyes I have 2 cameras right next to each other. The 3D effect comes in when you put on 3D glasses and your brain fuses the 2 images together. I always loved the beauty of nature and enjoyed the story line of a movie. I always wanted to bring things to life on film. after having a freak accident when I was 13. When a tree fell on me as I was going down a trail in the woods. I had a compression fracture in my lower back. During that time I was stuck inside all summer and could not enjoy the things I could before. I was inside all I could do is watch movies and tv and after I healed to where I could go out and see the beauty of nature I realized there are many people in the same situation as I was. The doctor said if I would of broke my back 2 inches up from where it did, I would be paralyzed. From that point I always wanted to create the most realistic way to view footage from amazing places around the world so that disable people can enjoy the beauty around the would as if you are there in real life. Thank you for visiting and enjoy! Check out my youtube channel 3DN3D My story HERE News story HERE New Video