Tom Gifford is known as the 3D master of pop-out. After countless recordings with 11 different homemade 3D rigs and 14 cameras ranging from cassette, HDD and DSLR video recorders. Tom has been testing a lot of ways to improve 3D. Let’s face it 3D in the movie theaters 3D is very subtle. Every time I watch a 3D movie I wonder why can’t it look more like Toms 3D! Like in Derek’s email,

Derek says……Dude… (I found your videos while searching for 3d content on youtube. These things are freaking amazing! The whole reason I got into 3d back in the day was because of the pop-out effects. I don’t know why Hollywood has decided that movies only need depth to called 3d, but your videos reminded me what 3d was really all about! Thank you so much for bringing my LG 3D TV to life!)